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I'm here to make a deposit for:

Please note...

When paying via PayPal you will see a "tax" added to your total. This is the PayPal processing fee. If you wish to avoid this fee, you can e-transfer your deposits to
If you do not use my PayPal link, but still pay via PayPal and do not select "friends and family", then the processing fee will be added to your total when settling up.
I apologize for this added cost of using PayPal.

Deposit for Revelstoke Session

$50 +paypal processing fee

This is my standard deposit for a session in my home studio. If you are making a deposit for more than one design or more than one person, please select the total number of deposits after you hit "pay now".


Deposit for Convention Session

$100 +paypal processing fee

Please make sure to select the convention you are making a deposit towards before hitting "pay now".


Deposit for Guest Spot Session

$150 +paypal processing fee


Please make sure to select the proper deposit tier before hitting "pay now".


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