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Thank You

Natural Soap and Flowers

Thank you for getting a tattoo with me at Acoustic Ink Tattoos.

I hope you had a lovely and enjoyable experience. If you have a few seconds to say something nice, it's always very appreciated.

Please make sure to take good care of your new tattoo. If you haven't read or downloaded my aftercare instructions, here they are again.

You have one free touch up for your tattoo. This is available to be claimed within the first 6 months following your appointment. This touch up covers my workmanship, in other words; I will fix any of my mistakes. It does not cover fixing a tattoo if you have not taken proper care of it, if you change your mind on something, or want to add to it. Any other work requested will be charged at the current shop rate and will need to go through the regular booking procedures.

Were you inspired by any of the art or eco products in my studio?
I have prints available to order and some amazing eco items to replace your

day-to-day household or business needs.

Again, thank you so much for trusting me with your skin, it is always such an honour.


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