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Do you take walk-ins?
What happens if I need to cancel, reschedule, or if I don't show up?

I operate by appointment only, no walk-ins. Please plan ahead and get your request in to me at least 3-5 days in advance, more is better. Summer is my busy season and I can often have a 1-3 week wait time. If you can, come get inked in the winter! I ask that you fill out my request form to start the process with me. Cancellations, No-shows, or Rescheduling less than 24 hrs in advance will forfeit your $50 deposit and a new deposit will be due before a new appointment can be made. Of course I understand that emergencies happen and will review these on a case-by-case basis. If you are more than 30 minutes late, you will be charged the current studio rate for my time spent waiting.

Are you a certified and license studio?

I’m a licensed, professional studio and follow all health and safety requirements. I’ve had my studio inspected, have a business license, and take the cleanliness of my studio very seriously. My studio is located in a completely separate section of my home with it’s own entrance.

What is your deposit policy?

To book an appointment with me I require a deposit. The deposit is applied to your completed tattoo. It is forfeited if you cancel or reschedule less than 24 hours in advance, or if you don't show up. Once a deposit is forfeited, a new deposit is due. In Studio: $50 After Forfeit: $100 Guest Spots: $75 Conventions: $100 All deposits can be sent to me via e-transfer.

Do you have flash?
Do you do custom designs?
Can I see my design before I come in?

I have lots of flash available. While I have a lot on my website, I often post other flash to my IG (which feeds my portfolio page). Much of my generic flash is repeatable. Most of my designs are custom pieces. I work with you to create an original piece based on your description and references. I do not tend to send out my designs ahead of time unless they are quite complex. I always have a bit of time at the start of your appointment for us to make changes.

Can my friends and family join me?

I can accommodate up to 2 friends or family during your appointment. They must not disturb you or myself. If they interfere with our session, they will be asked to leave. All people coming into the studio must limit belongings. My studio is small and I don’t have space to accommodate your friends playing guitar for you while you get tattooed. When I have a second artist working in the studio there is no room for any guests.

What is handpoke?
Is it the same as stick'n poke?

Handpoked tattoos are tattoos done without a machine. I use standard on bar tattoo needles, and attach mine to a chopstick. My handpoke tattoos have an emphasis on dotwork. The handpoke tattoo industry is a growing niche with some amazing artists found all around the world. Some people may refer to handpoke tattoos as “stick and poke” tattoos. Although done in a similar fashion, the main difference being set by the handpoke industry is in professionalism, including cleanliness. Make sure your artist works out of a professional studio or shop and follows all the health and safety guidelines that a machine artist follows. No sewing needles stuck in pencil erasers at your kitchen table here.

How long does it take to heal?
How do I take care of it?

Handpoke tattoos usually take around a week to heal, and don't tend to get very itchy. Machine tattoos take 2-3 weeks, depending on how much solid fill there is, or how thick the lines are. They do tend to get itchy and it is important you DO NOT SCRATCH them. I give people the 4 golden rules: 1. Clean - keep it clean, it's an open wound 2. Dry - short showers, no swimming or hot-tubs, etc 3. Moisturize - 3-5 times a day, a little goes a long way 4. Don't scratch - slap or tickle it when it's itchy, avoid rubbing 5. Out of the Sun - best to cover it, but use a high spf sunscreen if you can't Please refer to my aftercare page for full instructions on how to take care of your tattoo.

Where are you located and where do I park?

Address: 710 Fourth St. E. Access: The entrance is in the rear of the house up the steps of the patio. Only those with appointments are invited onto the property or into the studio. Parking: There is street parking available out front the house.

Does it hurt?

Handpoke tattoos hurt quite a bit less than a machine made tattoo. This isn’t the case for everyone, but the majority of my clients agree. Most clients comment on how they could fall asleep or how zen-like the experience is, some even say they will never go back to getting machine tattoos!

How do you take payment?

I only accept e-transfer or cash in my studio. I do have gift cards on my website. These take payment via paypal, which should accept most cards.

Can I bring my pet(s)?

Only registered service animals are permitted on the premises.

Do you do piercings?

No, I do not do any piercings.

Is there anything I should do before I come in?

1. Come well hydrated and fed. 2. Please wear soft, loose fitting clothing, keeping in mind the location of your tattoo and ease of access while remaining as comfortably clothed as possible. 3. Shower before you come in, please. 4. It would be awesome if you came with the area shaved the day before. Your skin will thank you when I sanitize it! 5. Bring headphones if you wish to listen to your own music, a book if you want to read, etc. 6. Come sober. 7. Fill in the waiver beforehand.

What are your rates?
Do you price by the piece?

My rates are subject to change. Please email me. I only charge by the hour. I do not do piece pricing.

Will it last?

Handpoke tattoos last forever, just like a machine tattoo. Some people say they've heard that handpoke tattoos don’t last as long. This just isn’t true. The quality of any tattoo comes down to the skill of the artist. Pick your artist based on their reputation, experience, and style and you are sure to be happy.

What style are your tattoos?
Do you do linework?

My handpoked tattoos are all dotwork. I can do some linework, fill, and colour with my machine. I really enjoy combining the textures achieved with the two techniques.

How long does it take?

I am pretty fast at handpoking. I'm the same speed with my handpoking as I am with my machine. I apply the appropriate technique to the style it best suites. As such, if I'm including line work or packing fill, I will use a machine. Most of my work is dotwork, and as such I will go with handpoking for that.

How much should I tip?

Never expected, but always appreciated. To tip, or not to tip, as well as the amount, is completely up to you. Here are some ways to show you love your new ink: 1. Money: Industry standard is around 15%-25% or in relation to the level of stoke you have for your new tattoo and artist. 2. Referrals: Sending new clients my way is hugely appreciated! Hyping my work, studio, and me is a great form of tipping and showing your appreciation. 3. Shares, Word of Mouth: Sharing my website, Instagream, or Facebook helps spread the word about me and my work. 4. Reviews: Giving a 5-star google review helps me out online a lot. I have a link where you can do this on my homepage. How easy is that!?

What happens if I need a touch-up?

Included in your tattoo is one free touch-up within the first 6 months after getting the tattoo. This is based on the quality of my work, not on requested changes or additions. I always give you ample opportunity to look over your tattoo before we call it done. If you feel that some of my work didn't hold up to my standards, then send me an email to discuss a touch-up.

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