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Looking for a fantastic gift option?
Get an Acoustic Ink Gift Card.

Give the gift that lasts a lifetime.
Give the gift of a tattoo.

I offer gift cards that can be redeemed for tattoos or any items that I carry in my studio.

a small box wrapped in soft, off white tissue paper with a thick cream coloured and thin pink ribbon warpped around in and a white and pink peony in the centre.
dried plants lay around an eggshell coloured blank page in the centre.
Wildcrafy lotion.webp
Wildcraft Repair Balm.webp

Looking for a lovely lotion to keep your tattoo looking new for longer?
Get some Wildcraft Repair Balm or Lotion.

I'm excited to find and promote products I believe in. Wildcraft caught my attention for two main reasons: ethically sourced Canadian ingredients, and a high commitment to the environment. Those aren't the only reasons to love Wildcraft though.
Check out their story and try their products, I'm certain you'll be happy you did.

Looking for a fantastic soap option?
Get some Zero Waste natural bar soap.

Zero Waste MVMT is an earth-first brand on a mission to create a waste-free future!

Find some lovely soaps and hair care that are are good for you and the planet. Remember, soap suds and a bare hand on those new tattoos until they are healed.

Screenshot 2024-02-13 at 18-23-45 Shopify Collabs.png
Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 10-07-17 Shopify Collabs_edited.png
Guests on Earth bundle includes: 1 refillable foaming hand soap bottle and 2 refills, 1 refillable all purpose spray bottle and 2 refills, and 2 microfibre waffle cloths
Guests on Earth foamig hand soap in a refillable pump container.

Looking for refillable hand soap or all purpose cleaner?
Check out the Gu
ests on Earth

bundle and get both!.

Guests on Earth are a B-Corp Canadian company offering amazing natural products in the most recyclable friendly refill packaging available.

Feel good while you clean!

Looking to transform your kitchen?
Check out Zero Waste Movements kitchen bundle!.


All natural kitchen tools and bar soaps help you tackle the dishes in an earth friendly and responsible way.

Join the mvmt and reduce your waste today!

Zero kitchen.webp
Zero waste kitchen.webp

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