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Sustainable Shop Products

Thanks for checking out this page, it means you care about the efforts I'm making to offer my clients, and the earth, a healthier stocked studio!

That makes you pretty rad in my book.

A collection of eco tattoo supplies. Mycylium ink caps, compostable razor, eco towels, paper ink cups and rinse cups, etc

I make every effort for my studio to be as environmentally friendly as possible. I have been pleased to find quite a few suppliers that carry products that are compostable and/or biodegradable. I know all of these products aren't perfect, and we, as a society, have a ways to go still. But I am dedicated to taking the available steps, and reaching higher, at every opportunity.

At the same time, I am dedicated to giving my clients the best experience possible. At times this has meant that I must choose between a more environmentally conscious product, and a product that works and feels better. Paper towels have been one such item. The paper towels from recycled materials just don't work or feel that great. I tried them, I hoped they would work, and I found I was using 3-4 times as many towels as I did if I went with Bounty.

We need more people making their best efforts rather than a few making perfect efforts.

I'll try to rattle off all my products I have been able to successfully replace here:



If you want to look at data sheets, check out the products, or order some for yourself, there are many suppliers these days. The two I mainly order for are:
Good Judy (Toronto) and Good Guy (Salmon Arm)

Gloves                              Ink Cups
Chopsticks                       Bottle Bags   

Cord Covers                    Garbage Bags
Station Covers                 Bed Covers
Saran Wrap                      Razors
           Paper Towels for hands

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