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A Handpoke Artist In Revelstoke

Revelstoke & Acoustic Ink Studio

I eventually chose to live in Revelstoke, a small mountain town with big adventure. Living here allows me to have the lifestyle of my dreams, yet doesn't offer me the opportunity to work in a busy tattoo shop. So, I made my dream happen by starting my own home based studio. I opened Acoustic Ink in December 2019, just before good old COVID came about, and after just over 5 years of honing my handpoking skills.

Kata stands in ski gear on top of a mountain with her arms extended and a sunset with scattered clouds behind her.

Where it all began

I always had the inner dream to become a tattoo artist, I just hadn't found my path to get there. I preferred to paint instead of draw, and I never lived, or wanted to live, in places with busy shops taking apprentices. I didn't know where to start or how to get there.


I was in the middle of my decade-long career as a natural builder when I learned that a rad colleague had gotten into handpoking. I was very curious and signed up to get some ink. I'll never forget the experience, the fact that it didn't hurt, or the knowledge she shared. It would later change my life.

Kata glancing over her shoulder while plastering a wall with clay plaster. The plaster and the lighting are a soft orange.

Following Your Dream

Acoustic Ink Tattoos is my baby. I started living this dream just before I turned 40. I'm having a blast. I'm not worried that I started down this path so "late" in life. If anything, it's rejuvenating to start a passion career later in life. It brings in new energy, it confirms that new things are always possible, it keeps me learning and creating. It's something I want to keep doing for many years to come!

If you have a dream, hold onto it and let it happen whenever that is. You don't have to rush it, it's never too late.

An action shot of Kata handpoking a clients wrist at a tattoo convention.
Kata poses with her dog, Shuka, outside in the sun. Both are smiling while Kata leans down behind Shuka for a hug.

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