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Payments via E-transfer

Making a payment via e-transfer saves you having to pay the online processing fee.

You have selected to pay via e-transfer, which means you will need to make your payment outside of my website.

Please read below for instructions on sending e-transfers.

E-transfers are to be sent to

For Deposits

Please include your name in the memo section of the e-transfer.

If it is a deposit for a guest spot or convention please also include which location it is for.

Deposits for conventions and guest spots are at a different rate. The amount due will have been communicated to you via email.

After receiving your deposit I will follow up with your confirmation booking and pre-appointment info package.

For Balances Owing

Please include your name in the memo section of the e-transfer.

For Gift Cards

Please please please make sure to
put in the memo section that it is a Gift Card and include the name of the recipient.
This is so I can match your payment to my records and ensure things are accounted for and organized.
I will then send out an email to the lucky recipient, and to you as well if you entered your email in the order form.

With my gift cards, the credit is held in store for the recipient to use. Gift card amounts may be spent on tattoos or any merch I have in the studio. Unfortunately they can not be applied to purchases made via my affiliate links.

I will follow up the purchase of a gift card with an email that will walk the recipient through the steps to request a tattoo with me.

The gift card amount will be applied to their total at the end of their session. There are no refunds, but I'm always happy to hold onto or transfer funds in line with my policies.

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